about myself

You can call me a 'Coding' guy :) I am pursuing my Master's in Computer Science at Cornell University, New York. Currently, I am working as a Machine learning intern at Innovusion (Los Altos, California). The work is very thrilling and involves analysis and clustering of 3-D point cloud data in self-driving cars space. Prior to joining Cornell, I was a Software Engineer at CITI for 1.5 years. I worked as a full stack developer to build an automated batch monitoring system. Later, I worked as a Machine learning developer to predict the run-time of a Spark application using ML models. During my undergraduate studies, I did 4 internships which kick-started my career. Competitive coding helped me qualify twice at the ACM ICPC regionals '16. Being an ardent Machine learning enthusiast, I published 3 IEEE research papers on ML.

With my rich technical background, I am passionate about solving new and challenging real-world problems across all domains in Computer Science. In free time, I like to code, play chess, soccer and table tennis. I also love music, dance, and traveling!

Job History

Machine learning intern

Innovusion, Los Altos, California

Working in the very hot industry - "Autonomous Cars" and that too as a Machine learning intern. Wow!!!! Really fortunate to get this opportunity. I am currently working on unsupervised learning techniques to cluster the 3D point cloud data collected from the world's first image grade LiDAR sensors developed by the company.

Software Engineer

Citi, India

I switched to AML Cards team as a Machine learning developer and worked on some cool stuff like dynamically predicting Spark application run-time using Lasso and Ridge Regression. Achieving an accuracy close to 96%, I extended the work for Hive query run-time prediction. Bagged an RnR bronze medal from my Business Unit for this successful project.

Software Engineer

Citi, India

Returning back to Citi after my undergraduate studies, I joined the Client Business Analytics team as a Full-stack developer. Apart from the BAU tasks, I worked on a challenging project to automate the batch monitoring system using T-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, Angular 2 and Java EE. This system helped reduce the team's monitoring time from 7 to 2 hrs/week.

Software Engineering Intern

Citi, India

Was very excited when I was hired as an intern at one of the renowned banks worldwide - Citi !!! More importantly, this was my first step into the corporate world! The work involved automating testing of a website using Selenium and performing unit testing using JUnit-Powermock framework. Due to my work in the internship, I received a return offer at Citi(Yayy!!!)

Software Engineering Intern

Adoope Online Pvt Ltd, India

I worked in this startup along with my semester studies and developed API for an android application using Django Rest API. The application stores the digital identities(eg Pan card, etc) of users at one place. Apart from the learning curve, it was a great experience to efficiently manage time for my internship along with my studies.

Software Engineering Intern

Triangular Studios, India

This was my first experience at a startup. Being really pumped up, I worked hard to complete all the tasks in a very short time frame. I developed a library using Screen-casting technique for Android developers to prepare tutorials for their application. This served as a navigation tutorial to the users who find it difficult to understand the UI.

AI Research Intern

IIT Bombay, India

A golden opportunity to intern at one of the most prestigious universities of India - IIT, Bombay. I worked as an AI research intern and my research area was in Multi-Agent Systems. I developed an energy market system coded in Jade framework to map sellers and buyers(of energy) efficiently

Key Projects

Predicting Power Plant emission using ML

Worked under the guidance of Prof. Zhang to predict the environmental performance of power plants using Machine learning. The best accuracy of the model is close to 97%

Deployment Automation

Built a deployment automation product using Agile methodology for T-Mobile’s internal software as a part of a joint project venture between Cornell and T-Mobile.

Video Summarization using Information retrieval

Worked under Prof. Kurhekar and collaborated with peers to extract relevant content of a video based on a keyword search using Information Retrieval.

QuickService Application

Found a problem that people find it difficult to find service providers like carpenter, driver, etc. So, I collaborated with peers to develop an Android application to map the users and service providers.


And yes, I have published 3 IEEE research papers on Machine learning

Team strategizing using ML


Location based news classification using ML


Depression detection using Emotion AI


Contact Information

Mobile : +1 551-888-7182

Email : vnr7@cornell.edu